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So, What Are You Doing For Mothers Day?

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Now THAT might be a loaded question but I've got a reason for asking especially if you live in Central Iowa.  This is special...

We've teamed up with The Embassy Club and Dondino to bring to Des Moines a great Mother's Day Event.  Something really, really different!

An Elegant Mother's Day Event for mothers of all ages.  (Maybe even a great "date night" for you and your wife!)  Here are the details (well ahead of general publicity) so you can make plans now.

Saturday Night - May 10th (the night before Mother's Day) there will be a Dinner and Las Vegas Style Show in The Grand Hall of The Temple for Performing Arts.   This will not be like anything you've experienced before.  It is a great meal, gifts for all the ladies and a fantastic full blown show...Vegas Style.

The meal, according to our friend, General Manager and Culinary Director, Michael LaValle will be something very special.  "The Embassy Club is known for excellent food and top notch service.  Our goal here is to extend our reach into the community and build a series of special events at the Temple.  It will be something truly unique."

Dondino_state_blog Headlining the evening will be the elegant, professional crooner Dondino.  An Italian native, raised in Brooklyn, Dondino spent years perfecting his show in Las Vegas.  Ten years ago Dondino moved to Des Moines where has been active in the Variety Club of Iowa.  While he continues to travel his home base is right here. "I love it in Des Moines", says Dondino.  "We've put our roots in one of the best cities in the nation and it's been very good for us."

Dondino will be doing the romantic standards of Sinatra, Martin, Davis along with his own compositions.

Make plans now for a very elegant Mother's Day Evening with the music of Dondino the fantastic food from The Embassy Club set in The Grand Hall of the Temple for Performing Arts.  Tickets can be purchased through the Embassy Club and major credit cards are honored.

  • Dinner & VIP Stage Seating for the show - $65 each
  • Dinner & Show - Tables of Ten - $50 each
  • Show Only - $25 each

Dust off the "fancy duds".  For reservations - 515-244-2582

Michael P. Libbie - Now doesn't this sound like fun?