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Outtahere_revised Welcome to our publication about advertising, marketing and public relations...glad you stopped in for a read!

This past month we've been building some magazine ads for our client Calcium Products

Calcium Products is moving into a larger presence with the livestock industry.  We took a page out of the ol' marketing book and allowed the livestock to do the talking.  But what is missing here is "the pitch".

If you take a closer look there are fewer than 50 "sales words" in the copy (lower left side).  (And there were that many only because the product being sold has so many benefits for pastures, hay and forage.)  Less is always more.


The reason is we want the customer to ask more questions.  Why?

Questions sell better!  It's true.

Big_head_revised If you can get the customer or client asking you questions about your product or service so much the better.  That's one of the reasons we resist using allot of words in our ads.  If you give away the entire story the sales side of the company doesn't have anything to say!  And, sometimes too much information is not only overwhelming but also can give the customer a "reason" to say no.

Remember ads don't always "sell".  They should inform...enough to make the customer want to go deeper.  And then it's up to the sales force.

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Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications