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How soon we forget!  I'm "on vacation" in Northern Michigan without the laptop.  So I've been using my Mothers computer with a 56K dial up that's really working at about 23K. 

It's painful.

It's also standard up here.  And, that is a shame.

For so long we've pushed the idea of a national program to bring broadband to Rural America.  For those of us living in areas where it's available and inexpensive we take it for granted.  But, in places like this...

It is an economic burden, sort of like it must have been before electricity.  Imagine, for just a moment, having to do business or trying to do business on a 56K unit!  It's taken me over an hour just to connect, download a photo and write this.

Oh my...

And for those of you developing Websites...the reality is these folks just can not open what you've had built.  And, if your key demographic is've got to think before you ramp up the new technology.

Just something to think about...and it became very real this week.

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