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"Slow Down Ya Move Too Fast..."

Fast_lane Welcome to our Business Publication about advertising, marketing and public relations.

We think the fuel issue finally has the attention of the nation.  It's not that we've not noticed the steady price increase.  It's that it is about to get to a point where many of us will have to re-think how we conduct business.

For example, I was on the phone this morning with a client who tells me he needs to travel 1,100 round trip miles to do some dealer development work.  "I'm cringing about the price of making the calls."

So, we talked about it.  How to minimize travel but yet get the message to the perspective dealer.

The answer, we think, is technology.  While it's true most business sales have been done on a face to face basis there is no reason why we can't harness technology to do, at least, part of the job.  Consider:

  • Video Links for sales messages that can be directed to each perspective dealer or target;
  • Enhanced Power Point presentations;
  • Video Conferencing;

Fast_lane_slow_up There are a host of different ways to make the sale and save money at the same time.  While it is easier to say "no" using an e-mail vs. being in the same room the real secret is have a great product and a persuasive media message.  It goes a long way.

Slow down a little...and use technology and great media presentations.  So, what do you think?

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications