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Telephone Directory Advertising...Please.

Telephone_directory_2 Welcome to our business publication about advertising, marketing and public relations...thanks for coming by.

Last week a friend who owns a nice little wine shop sent out an e-mail to several of his customers.  We're one of them.  In it he asked this question:  "Which do you prefer, Yellow Book or Yellow Pages?  Trying to figure out where our advertising dollars should go and we'd like to know what you think."

My quick answer was, "Save your money and put the checkbook away."

The longer answer is this:

It depends on what you are selling and your primary demographic.  That's not advertising agency "double speak" it is reality. 

Women_wine In this case my friend is trying to reach folks who might like...wine.  In this part of the country there is plenty of competition from grocery stores, other wine shops, heck even Target sells wine.  So finding it ain't tough.

Finding somebody that knows something about wine is a different story.  We'll get back to that.

Telephone_directory_phone Telephone directories have had their day.  (Like rotary telephones.)  There was a time when the yellow pages directory was a staple of the advertising industry. 

That has changed.  Think of it...when was the last time YOU opened up a directory?  Me?  When I was in Memphis sixty days ago and I did not want to plug in the laptop. 

What should our friend do?  1)  Create a great website that he can update on a regular basis to keep fresh content; 2) Start writing (blogs) about the fact that he actually KNOWS something about wine and share the information. 

In the end...THAT is what his customers will be paying for.  Help, direction and knowledge.

There is no better time to get started than right now!  You with me on this?

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications...pass the wine!