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Selling "The Box"

Mom_suzie_orman_2_the_box Welcome to our publication about advertising, marketing and public relations.  Thanks for coming by.

For as long as I can remember my Mother kept our families "important papers" in The Green Box.  The most common sight around our home was Mom sitting in her chair guarding whatever was in "The Box".  I never looked inside.  It was sort of like opening The Ark of Moses...get too close and POOF!

That's why it was so surprising when I called several months ago and she went on and on about her new purchase.

Mom_suzie_orman_1 The Suze Orman Blue Box...

What?!?  "You mean you gave up The Green Box for some plastic blue thing made in China?"

"Yes, and it's wonderful!  It only cost me $66 plus shipping and handling.  I paid with "Easy Pay" on QVC." (This from a woman who watches every penny like a hawk...she says it's a "Depression Era Thing".)

"What's the matter with The Green Box?  After all it's served our family for over five decades?"

"This is better.  I just love Suze Orman and those nice folks on QVC."

Ain't marketing great?

That's what sold her the New Blue Box (NBB).  The NBB is a simple extension of what she had.  Sure it opens differently and it is blue!  But what separated Mom from her $66, plus shipping and handling, was the marketing.

We try to tell folks that story all the time.  Far too often it's not what the product is...as much as it is how the product is marketed.  Have a good story, told by a convincing pitch-person or great campaign and have the media budget to run it...it's ice to Eskimos!

What a classic story...

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