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Iowa Hockey - Ain't Kosher...

Iowa_chops_models It may not be Kosher...but we can smell the money from the Iowa Pork Producers!

This afternoon the AHL franchise owned by Schlegel Sports and affiliated with the Anaheim Ducks of the NHL displayed the new name and logo.

The Iowa CHOPS...

The snickering in the crowd was evident, and when somebody asked what the name of the cheer leading squad might be the snickers turned into big laughs.Iowa_chops_crowd_2 (We're NOT going to even go there!)

But...Iowa very might well be brilliant.

If the AHL franchise isn't getting a truckload of money from the Iowa Pork Producers (based in Des Moines) or the National Pork Producers (based in Des Moines) or come up with some tie in to the National Pork Congress that takes place every year in Des Moines.  Somebody is missing the boat.

Iowa_chops_sign Gotta consider Speed Herring from Cookie's BBQ Sauce...he has got to throw in some cash.

And...maybe in the end...the food at the Wells Fargo Arena will get better.  There has GOT TO BE and Iowa Pork Producers window don't you think?

So...does the Wells Fargo Arena known to many as "The Well" become the "Hog House"?

Stay tuned.

Sometimes Listening Is The Best...

Little_girl_shush Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications, thanks for coming by.

I sat in a meeting today for about four hours...and listened.  I listened to hopes, dreams, numbers and marketing attempts.

I learned that being close to a product or service is not always the best place to be for those doing the marketing.  I learned how frustrating it is to start marketing a product or service only to learn that there is a vast difference between the value as seen by the manufacturer vs. that of the consumer.

I learned about trying to capture market share without using mass media and relying on 7/10ths of a second as a consumer walks past a shelved product.

I learned about the perceived threats vs. the real ones.  I learned about how manufacturers "hope" retailers will "educate" consumers.

And, in the end, I came to realize how critical it is for companies to reach out to thoughtful advertising agencies that have a passion for great creative, the ability to critically examine potential and help create and then execute a solid plan.

What a great day!

Happy Birthday America...I Knew Ye Once...

RosieI'm not an "uberpatriot".  I don't sport a flag on my lapel but I do mist up at the singing of our National Anthem.  We fly the flag outside...when I think of it...but we, every day,  when we pray over our family meal...ask God to bless America.

I don't think we are unlike most families.  We tend to be respectful of others, even though they don't look or worship like us.  We talk about politics and religion and try to come to grips with those who are different.  And, we treasure hearing stories of when our country was united.  Really united.

And that's when it starts to get troubling.

My Mother is 88 and lives by herself.  She is well, thank God, and we chat several times as week.  At each phone call she wonders out loud "What is to become of us?". 

It's a fair question.

Poster_job_for_every_american Sure "the good old days" sparkle with fond memories while the future seems uncertain.  It's easy to fall into that trap.  "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away..."

But we are hurting.  Deeply.

The insanity from the "Right" is spewed daily from radio stations here in Des Moines.  While the insanity of the "Left" fills the pages of the local newspaper.

United we are not.

And, that is what is troubling to "The Greatest Generation".  They know better.  They know how they rallied against our enemies, how our country galvanized and men and women crossed party lines to come together to defeat an evil of global proportions.

Now we fight among ourselves and we do so in a "take no prisoners" response to anybody that does not agree with our position.  And sadly the government isn't much of a help.  But there was a time...and people took heart.  Maybe we just resent being reminded and asked to sacrifice.

Grace_picnic It's our birthday...and soon we'll have a party complete with a picnic, fireworks, music and  Maybe this year we'll stop to consider what our elders already know, and worry about:  We are not the enemy...but we know who is and together...we can do so much more to preserve our Union for our grandchildren.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

But, For The Benefit of Who?

Thumbs_down "Don't be so negative!", said one e-mail to our office.  He was writing about a post we did where some communications companies continue to use cute sayings to help you remember their phone numbers.  Trouble'll not find "1-800 -GO-INSiGHT" letters on a cell phone.  Anyway...we try to be positive...but sometimes things present themselves and BANG!

Here is a story about helping others without helping yourself...first.

Following the tragic tornado in Parkersburg that left several dead and a swatch of destruction miles long, a Des Moines car dealer began running a full page in the Des Moines Register.  The big bold letters...announced that with "every new car sold" the dealerships (all owned by the same company) would "donate $100 to the relief efforts in Parkersburg"

They said the goal was to raise $100,000.  We think the goal is to sell vehicles.  And consumers know it.  Sure they'll write a check...but why not do that first or at least put a different spin on the promotion?

Thumbs_up Meanwhile, along comes Duane Flagel and Taylor Parker of Cedar Rapids based Iowa Hearing Aid Centers with a remarkable public relations promotion:

"If anyone in the State of Iowa has lost their hearing aid in any of the tragic events that have blanketed the state, call us. (800-792-9564)  We'll perform a free hearing aid test and give you a free hearing aid."

Go ahead...we'll let you read that again.  And the value of these hearing devices usually runs between $4,500 and $5,500. 

Oh, and no strings. 

In addition to that, Duane and Taylor are giving non-profits a chance to raise funds by auctioning off 100,000 worth of free hearing aids they've donated to the cause. 

Duane told me his hearing aids are top of the line stuff and "they are not cheap"  "But," said Flagel, "when people talk about hearing loss I want them to think of us first.  To get there we also need to make an investment."  Gosh...he's honest too!?!

Nice!  And worth a positive mention!

Bottom Line:  Doing good is fine but when "doing good" becomes so self serving...and the public knows'll lose any credibility and positive spin you might have gained.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where we're trying to be more positive.  I'm positive about that!