What Would You Do?
Suffering From "Time Poverty"?

Thank You Central Iowa!

Business_people_clappingWe love radio!  For some it might be "old school" but it's one media that has room for nearly everybody. 

Sixteen months ago after seeing a report from the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB)  that highlighted the growing rural lifestyle segment of the population, we decided to start something really different. 

"Let's do a radio show dedicated to news and information about living on small farms and acreages!"

Yeah...sure.  We had to "sell" the idea to a local talk radio station (98.3 WOW-FM) who looked at us like we had a third eye.  They are more accustomed to political news/talk and "traditional Farm Shows". 

Man_hay_bale_microphone But we hung in there and started in the fall of 2006.  The first show through the tenth show nobody called.  "Hello...hello out there!  Anybody listening?"  The answer was "NO!".

The show aired at 7am on Sunday morning! (May have been a problem.)

The numbers were lousy.  In the day-part we didn't even show up.

The next book told us we had maybe 300 people listening and we moved from dead last to 15th in the market.   Great.

We kept at it...went to dozens of events, handed out lots of media at various meetings, were faithful to the shows dedicated online publication and continued to build audience. 

Hwy61_image The reward...we've now climbed to seventh place and the next stations in line are well within striking distance.  In addition we've attracted top notch advertisers like Allied Insurance, Kubota Tractors and Acreage Magazine.

Was it cheap?  Nope.

Did it happen overnight?  Nope

Did we stick with the message?  Yep

Bottom line...when starting any new venture not many things become an "overnight success".  Make sure the message is on target, the vehicle is right and follow up with plenty of collateral.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications