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The Power of Relationships!

On_site_july_08_1 Relationships matter and keeping them active is key to getting things done.

The other day we did a video shoot for the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.  The site we wanted to use is Living History Farms  (LHF) which is just minutes from Downtown Des Moines. (Here we are at the 1900's Farm with Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey.)

Not only did the site have what we wanted for "looks" it was easy for everybody to find yet keep government working.

None of this would have been possible had we not kept the relationships open with the staff from Living History Farms.  Over the year we've had them as guests on our rural lifestyle radio show, did several follow ups with them and showed interest in this treasure smack dab in the middle of town.   We didn't know if we would EVER need their help but we did know LHF is a fantastic addition to our state.  We appreciated them.  And THAT is the reality of getting anything done. 


On_site_july_08_5Our thanks to everybody who made it happen!  Kristen Phipps from the Public Relations/Marketing Department of LHF, Jennie Deerr (Photo with Secretary Northey), her boss, who spelled Kristen when the shoot went beyond the scheduled time (sorry again!) and everybody who pitched in, helped out and understood the importance of showcasing Iowa Agriculture to the rest of the world.

You guys were great!

In life and in business...we never know what will come up.  Better to build bridges than burn them.

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