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Voice Mail Obsolete?

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Voice mail, love it or hate it, there are some who suggest it has seen it's day and now is a thing of the past.

Last year Georgie, from our office, wrote a post outlining her frustrations with incoming messages.

Now, on the business page of the Des Moines Register there's an interesting article by Karen Mracek (Workbytes) where she discusses the failure of voice mail and admits to not checking hers in a timely manner.  It seems others don't either.

None of that is surprising.

Cell_phone_text What was, however, is the report from National Public Radio that the Chinese people prefer text messages to voice mail.  The report indicated text messages are cheaper than phone calls (local or long distance?) and the message is crisp, clear and fast.  Clear? we have another way for people to ignore us.

Best line in the story is this outgoing message telling folks "just don't bother":  "Hi Workbytes here.  After the beep, hang up." about you?  Do you check and then return voice mail or are you too giving up in the idea?