Cut Jobs / Cut Advertising? Tough Choice?
Thank You Central Iowa!

What Would You Do?

American_plumb_sup_building Just for talking purposes...let's say you own a storied business.  Something that's been around for seven!

Add to that the changing face of Retail America where nearly everything can be found at a big box store at a cheaper price.

Notice the word "nearly".

And, what if your inventory and service niche is the ability to have, in stock, (or be able to manufacture) parts and pieces for just about every plumbing fixture going back 60+ years?

American_plumb_sup_signWe're not making this up.

What would you do? 

How would you market your knowledge and abilities?

Love to hear from you...

Gosh...we love this sign!!!

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications....where we think this is a gold mine waiting to be found.