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When to Hold & When to Fold...

Man_cards_cigar Dump the brand, image, graphics and recognition or hang in there?

Clients eager for "change" often split from what has worked too soon, while others hang on forever allowing their brand to get old and tired. 

When do you pull the plug?

When you are no longer relevant.

Let's look at a couple of examples:

This week Batman returned to the big screen.  Was the brand different than the Adam West version from television?   Big time.  The goofy "BAM! CRUNCH!" gave way to darkness and mystery and the entire "brand" altered to the times.   What sold thirty years ago is no longer relevant.  That was easy...right?

Let's try this on a local level.

American League Hockey in Des Moines:  Three years ago, with loads of fanfare the Iowa Stars skated into Wells Fargo Arena.  During their first season it was "smash mouth hockey".   The 5,200+ butts in the seats loved it.  Stortini Every time Zack Stortini (R) came on the ice fans wouldn't have to wait long for him to knock somebody down, wrench off the gloves and the fight was on. But the Stars front office didn't like Zack's play so they sent him packing.  (Stortini now plays for the Edmonton Oilers of the NHL...where on Monday he signed a new three year contract...not bad).  The Stars changed their style of play, and their brand.  They became a "speed and finesse team".  The brand changed, the crowd left and so did the Stars.

Is your brand relevant to those it effects and how do know?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it unique or is your brand just like everybody else?  Fifteen years ago a product called "Simple Green" was ahead of it's time and became a giant. 
  • Does it cause a "buzz"?  Even if people can't quite figure it out but spend the time trying.  If so...you've got them interested.
  • Are you "tempted" to change just because YOU "think it's not working".  Hint:  YOU are not the consumer...and sometimes "thinking" can get you in trouble.

Is your brand relevant to those you hope to impact?

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - Photo Edmonton Journal.