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The Iowa Sportsman Radio Hour

Thomas_and_michael_2 Every Monday night at 7 Thomas Allen and I talk about Iowa and the outdoors on 98.3 WOW-FM.  You can listen live by following this link!

It's the radio version of The Iowa Sportsman magazine and we'll soon be celebrating our second year on the air!  The Iowa Sportsman covers hunting, fishing, boating, camping, biking, cross country skiing and a host of outdoor activities.  What's really great is the magazine and the radio show are both products of Iowans...for Iowans.  It's a full color, glossy look at what goes on in the major outdoor sports.

Tonight, August 4th, we'll be joined by Scott Reed, territory manager, for Pure Fishing.  Scott, an avid angler, travels South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa selling fishing gear.  No doubt we'll have to ask which state has the better fishing opportunities.

Thomas Thomas has been with The Iowa Sportsman for several years and, along with this radio show, is responsible for a bunch of stuff for the magazine.  That's why he gets the walnut paneled office!

Come on by for a listen maybe even give us a call and join in the conversation.  The studio line is 866-908-8255 or local at 312-0983.  Hope to hear from you!