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Breaking The....Ahhhh Hmmm....Brand?

Montana_gov_use_first Oh Oh...the Democrats have their own brand breaker. 

Meet the Governor of Montana: Brian Schweitzer.  This past Sunday afternoon at the 31st Annual Tom Harkin Steak Fry (by the way, they do not fry the steaks) he was introduced as, "The pick-up drivin', gun totin', full bore huntin', God fearin', one-woman lovin' farm and ranchin' (GULP) Democrat!"

Ahhhh...Exhibit "A" - Brian Schweitzer and his wife Nancy...and First Dog - Jag.

Montana_gov_sitting For longer than I can remember folks that are NOT Democrats have attempted to paint Democrats as wacko, wimpy, weirdos belonging to some effeminate club that gets together to hand money out to PETA.

Talk about breaking the brand.  But, where did this "brand" come from?

I remember stories about my Grandfather who was a union organizer in the 1930's.  More than a dozen times, my Grandmother has said, he came home with a broken nose or a bloodied shirt as he literally fought for worker rights.  That was no "girlie-man".  That was a warrior.

I fondly remember my Father working the streets of Detroit on behalf of Lyndon Johnson because he thought Barry Goldwater was, in his words, "A nut case and bad for labor."  He once pushed a guy against the wall because the other guy "took issue" with the fact my father had befriended a family of black folks that moved to our mostly white suburb. 

Wimpy?  Hardly...

Montana_gov So, what's the marketing and advertising story here?  Simple.  Don't let somebody else "brand" your business or service.  The Democrats have allowed this and they'll get what they sow.  In the meantime, be smarter, tougher and right but most of all, if you've got a brand that resonates with the consumer...hold on to it.  There are more folks out there that would rather tear down...than build up.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications and YES we would go to a Republican event...but nobody has ever asked.