I'm Done With The Wacky Fringe...
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Feeling Better Already! You Focused?

Baby_happy Whew...that was close!  Now that I have sworn off talk radio in Des Moines (just a few hours ago) I'm doing much better.

Yeah, baby!

Headed to Mason City on my monthly effort with that congregation and looking forward to the adventure.

Somebody told me "BeaverFest" is this weekend.  I kid you not! (OK...it's really the Beaverdale Fall Festival...)

For many companies out there it's time to start the budget process for the next year.  If you're one of the companies who use an agency now is the time to huddle up with your people and make solid plans for 2009. 

We think the economy in agriculture will continue to be strong and that will touch other sectors as well.  But, word...buying smart now will help you in the future.  Lots of unsold radio and television inventory during the first quarter AND...no matter what they tell you there are still deals to be had in print.  IF you ask for them early.

So, why do we think so?  Fourth quarter, in our opinion, will be soft as consumers look at the rising cost of everything other than their pay checks.  Retail will cut costs but advertise big trying to lure folks out of their safety zone.  That should mean a decent fourth quarter for advertising media outlets...but we think it will slow down a bunch in January and February.   Already slow months, we think you should be able to buy advertising at deep discountsIF not...let 'em sit with the unsold inventory.  We've got other inventive ways to get noticed in your market.

Got questions or comments...let's get together!

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications...focus...focus...focus.