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I'm Done With The Wacky Fringe...

Thumb_sucking Over the past several years our company has spent a few bucks with powerhouse radio station WHO.  (1040 AM)  I'm not sure how much...but it's enough to know that we've recommended them to our clients on many occasions.

But...I'm done with the fringe element.

At least until after the election.

I've become increasingly troubled by their programing direction and tone.  Outside of the farm broadcasting WHO Radio has failed to impress with any real ability other than to spout the "party line".  We often refer to the station as K-GOP.  Unless you listen in the afternoon when it becomes K-GOD.  (We're waiting for management to request a tax exempt status as a church...should be any day.)

Thumbs_down So...what got me sucked in the debate?  (And I really hate doing this!)  Yesterday on the heels of the economic fall out and during the mid-morning radio show the host gets a call from an "informed listener" who spouts off about how Obama has used as, "his top economic adviser" one Franklin Raines who was the former honcho of Fannie Mae.  The host, in lock step, repeated the story and gave it creditably.  No doubt because it pleased his personal political agenda.

Trouble's false.  And, it's just one example of a daily head-butting from the fringe element.

Meanwhile the afternoon host has spent much of his time being the champion of the "anti-public school" crowd.  Full of himself and his cause he ended up on the wrong side of a recent Des Moines Public School Board Vote...he and his friends lost...badly.

When he is not carping about public schools he's busy Bible Thumping.  And while there is nothing wrong with that it's the way he marginalizes the folks who disagree.  Fringe...

To be fair, we don't have the "Kooky LEFT" to kick around in this market.  (If we did...we'd be on them too.  I hear they are just as wacky.  And if you look...we've hit the Des Moines Register a couple of times.) 

The two talk radio stations, WHO and 98.3 WOW-FM, both spend seventeen hours a day feasting on red meat and bashing anybody that is on the other side of their joint agendas.

The reason?  It sells radio time and radio time sales fuel the engine of being...fringe.

So, we're done for awhile.  As much as we love to recommend radio...we've just got to take a rest from the wackos...

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - Feeling better already - Silence is Golden.