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Our Bailout Plan...

Meet Our Investment Banker...

Woman_investment_banker In light of all the financial issues floating around (you know the list) government bailouts, failed banks, insane executive "golden parachutes" and greed.  We thought is a perfect time to introduce you to our "Investment Banker".

It's not only a history lesson...it's also about marketing and public relations.

My mother (No, that is not her..you sick, sick person!) grew up during the Great Depression.  Mom was just nine years old when the markets crashed, people lost jobs, took their own lives and the country was in financial ruin.

That event, which lasted until the start of the Second World War, molded much of the financial habits of what has been called "The Greatest Generation".  Trust had to be earned.  Greed was bad.  Swift decisions were questioned. Cheating was worse.  But saving and self reliance were good.  But, because many could not, or would not, trust the financial institutions that had failed, they came up with a novel approach.

Money_mattress Mom would call it, "Mattress Money".  (In todays jaded world all kinds of things start to pop into your mind...go ahead, admit it.)

But, again, the focus was on self reliance.  If it was too good to be true, you didn't buy the story.  If the promises were amazing, you took a pass.  If the focus was on greed and not good.  The decision was pretty simple.

Now we find ourselves in a mess brought on, in part, by the "take no prisoners" approach to investments, government, banking and the "me first" attitude that is sinking the current "bailout" plan among the public.  Best guess is that roughly 80% of Americans are NOT impressed with the plan. 

We think there is a message in all of this for folks still willing to take products to market.

Tell the truth.  Always.  Explain the product or service and then be honest about the claims.

We think doing it the right way will give you a little more folding money to put in a safe place.  And also award you with market share.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where we're sort of partial to our bankers...