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The Best Job In The World?

Casa_di_vino_outside_2 This past week I spent a couple of hours at my favorite wine shop, Casa di Vino owned by my friend Howard Bernstein.

I've been bugging Howard to get into the world of blogging and start sharing his knowledge with the rest of the world.  And, for folks like me that don't know "vintage wine" from "vintage photos"...we could use some help.  That's why I was so excited to get the e-mail saying Howard was ready to jump in.

I've been amazed at how few brick and mortar wine merchants are blogging.  I'm not sure if they don't know about it or if the "mystery" of wine is too valuable to share.  But, I'm happy my friend is doing this.  Go ahead, have a look...I can wait.

Casa_di_vino_use_3 So, Howard...welcome to this great way to interact with so many people.  You'll find folks friendly and really interested in what you do.

Speaking of what Howard go to corporate wine tastings and doing 65 to 100 different wines in a day.  You might think he has the best job in the world.  But, nope.  I do.  Every day I get to visit with great people that have wonderful stories and even better products or services.  So, I'm not trading...but if he ever needs anybody to hang out and pull corks.

By the way...I only started him on this project.  I've suggested to Howard that he visit with Mike Sansone the "Iowa Godfather of Social Networking".  Mike you listening?

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