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There Can Never Be Too Much Communication

Business_conversation It's been an amazing week.  Oh...not the "bail out program".  We've been focused for days on a meeting with one of our clients.

Over a week ago we began crafting a presentation to help a new company move into new markets.  We researched, read, learned and then pulled it all together for a two hour meeting that was held this morning.

And, thank God...it went very well.

But this isn't about our work as much as it is our opportunity to help a wonderful company realize their dream.  It's not easy diving into the consumer world.  There are lots of pitfalls, the market is huge and the message needs to be spot on.

But more than that the players making the product and those of us charged with the job of marketing that product need trust.  And, that trust comes through honest conversation.  Sharing ideas, dreams and direction.  And, in the end making it work.

We can't wait to spring this new family of products on the market place.  The excitement today was great and we're grateful we got to be a part of the conversation.

Thank you...again.