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Marketing In An Economic Recession #4

Four Still with us on day four in our series of marketing and advertising during an economic recession?  Good deal!  Yesterday we said we would offer you some prime examples of real life stories where corporations used an economic downturn to build market share.  Their their secret was to change their message to mirror customer concerns about the economy.  Thanks to RMR & Associates for these great examples we think you'll see what we're talking about and how you might adjust your message:

Glass Plus/Ziploc:  Dow, the maker of Glass Plus cleaner made the decision to shift money from promoting the cleaning product to introduce the world to a new product, Ziploc, that protects the freshness of leftovers.  It's called innovation!

A1 Steak Sauce:   Some of you might remember this slogan:  "A-1 Steak Sauce isn't just for sirloin anymore."  The company turned the message to promote using it on hamburger.  A great switch of benefits!

Quaker Oats:   Sales were in a slump when Quaker decided to increase spending to promote the message that it's grain product was also an inexpensive source of protein.  Then they stressed value when actor Wilfred Brimley said, "A bowl costs you one nickel and four pennies."  The result was powerful sales!

Wendy's:  Dave Thomas knew how to talk directly to his customers and he met the recession head-on with this message: "Look, I know you have less to spend these days, but that doesn't mean you have to eat less."  Being honest and direct wins!

Taking a message of efficiency and value to consumers during an economic slowdown hits home.  You might consider how your product or service can be better marketed to match the economic reality of the day.  And, then do it!

Tomorrow we'll review and give you four action steps that you can build on in the months ahead.

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