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Should Your Firm Blog?

Web Words I'm struck by the number of companies and management types that think social networking is a waste of time.  Or worse, those companies who have made the decision to use social media tools but then quit.  We just don't get it.  So, let me (once again) set out the case for using social media to bring awareness to your product or service.  Pay attention.

If you, today, have a website congratulations.  You are one quarter of the way there.  Now, just HOW do you figure somebody is going to be able to FIND you using the Internet?  Will you:

ONE:    Pay a company to "optimize"  your website?  Good...but not great.

TWO:   Attempt to "go it alone" and buy "Google Words" to drive traffic?  Can get pricey.

THREE:  Pay your "webmaster" to update your Website daily?  Really...

FOUR:    Buy print advertising to push your site?  Can be very expensive.

Here is another question.  Does your existing website offer your potential customers the opportunity to get to "know" you?  People still buy from people and if your website has the personality of a stop sign how do your customers hear your voice?

What if I gave you the power to interact with thousands of potential customers and clients...daily?  What if you had the power to share your ideas, sales opportunities, personality (well...some of you anyway) and insight into why your product or service is great?  What if you had the power to influence the Internet to push you and your product or service to the top of a search?

And, all you have to do is sit down, three or four times a week, and share with the world how exceptional your company is...

Got nothing to say?  Bet you do.  All you need to do to make this happen is START and then STAY at it.

One final question:  If BLOGGING is such a waste of time...  Why is it that every major  TV network, newspaper, political campaign and thousands of companies large and small do it? 

Get started...

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - There is a reason part of our name is "communications".