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Sunday Morning Coffee

Coffee Cu ps  Sunday Morning Coffee is the post that brings up the short and sweet impressions of the past week with just a little commentary.  Sometimes it actually something to do with advertising and marketing!  Grab a cup and let's visit.

So does anybody really like the "new" TypePad?  What once took me fifteen minutes to write now takes twice that amount of time.  I know there is a "fix" if we opt for the more simple format but I actually like to increase the size of the font and some other things we can't do with the "simple" format.  So...what the heck is a little more time huh?  And, no matter at what size I set my photos to reproduce...they come in as small.  Come on people!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Voted yet?  I did this past week here in Iowa and it's about time.  I'm finding it hard to locate anybody that is NOT ready to have this campaign end.  At one time I was an idealist and believed that our country had gotten beyond the kind of stuff I've heard on talk radio here in Des Moines.  Here is a sample of this week:

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And yet another example of the NEW TYPEPAD...it sucks!  There I was just wanting to put in several bullet points and I get tag=whatever!

I'm done, this one is going to the "Knowledge Base"