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What Will A New Logo Cost Me?

Those of you responsible for marketing and advertising have come to Insight Advertising over the years and asked this very question.  Some have asked what it would cost for new bags, what might it cost to launch a new product or service.  How about a website? Each time we've been asked to come up with a "look", a logo or some other design project we've hit a major league home run.  And our cost?  Based on this story...looks like we're under charging!

PEPSI Logos Pepsi has spent the past five months in a logo remake.  Five months.  Omnicom's Arnell Group was called in for the remake.  Nobody at the agency is talking but, according to high level folks in other agencies the cost to re-do the logo? $1,000,000.

Let me spell it:  One Million Dollars

And, that is a fraction of what it will cost to re-do signs, logos on websites, etc.  For those of you interested in the details, here is the story from our friends at Advertising Age.

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