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When Writers and Geeks Collide

Man angry suit I'm just about finished with my "melt down" over the "new and improved" TypePad format.  I was having some major issues because what once took me several minutes now takes ten times as long.  There are issues with the "new and improved" system being so much slower, images not the right size and taking forever to down load and lots of other silly stuff that did not present a problem with the "old" TypePad.

They tell me they have, "... improved display access to plain text and markdown."  I have NO idea what the heck that means.  But I write...I don't configure.

We think it's what happens when geeks are not writers or Beta versions that work in a controlled environment don't work so well "out here".

I remember when we launched  AgDeal was a new equipment portal for agriculture that, in 1998, was way ahead of its time.  In the controlled environment of our offices with our, at that time, fast connection speeds the site was very impressive.

Until we found out that farmers using 56K modems would spend half the day downloading fancy photos of new equipment.  It didn't take us long to fix...but the first go was, shall we say, a problem.

Maybe that is what went on in this case.  We're not sure.  We do know it is frustrating to work at a snails pace.  We do have to hand it to the "Knowledge Base" at TypePad they did get back to me in record time.  However I've not yet had the heart to fill out all the questions...but will.

In the meantime we'll continue to work within the "new and improved" system...we've got too much invested to quit.

Anybody else having "anger management issues" with the new format?

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications