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Car Stores & End Dealers?

Seth Godin offers an interesting take on the "Detroit Mess" and one that might cause a Cars shiver to go up the spine of the traditional "dealer network".  You can read his blog here.

We have long held to the idea of creating a direct channel system in the world of agriculture.  In the world of agriculture, especially short line agriculture, there is a "three step delivery system".  Here is how it works:

  • The Manufacturer makes a plow, planter, grain wagon, etc.  They sell it to:
  • The Wholesaler who buys finished goods from a number of manufacturers.  They then sell to:

  • The Dealer who then sells it to the end user - the Farmer.

Of course everybody along the way adds their markup.  We've always thought there is an extra step in the process but the system has been around forever and hard to change.

Seth also offers up the need to keep the thousands of "suppliers" working.  You see, today the car companies don't make all the stuff that goes into the car.  They simply "assemble" it and then market the finished product.

It's a good read...check it out

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