An Amazing Journey - Israel
Sometimes It's Not What You "Think"

Doing Organic Yet?

As many of you know, I'm currently in Israel learning and visiting.  Here is one of those interesting Organics lessons.  As we flew our 23 hours here we had a stop in London.  (Lasted way too long!)  While there I stopped into this resturant in Heathrow.  Notice the photo (click on it and it gets larger).  Organic milk and food.  And, yes, there were people in line.  At 7am!

We've written before about how this is such a large market and no longer marginal.  Which gets us to thinking...are you exploring new markets and new opportunities?  Six years ago "organic" was for "tree huggers".  Today it is mainstream.

What is interesting is how many companies do not have this on their radar. 

Want to get there?  Give us a call...perhaps we can help!

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