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Feeling "Special"?

Using social media, or e-mail messages to clients or perspective clients?  Here is a quick lesson in what NOT to do.Iowa Chops Sign

We're hockey fans.  In Iowa we've had an American League Hockey (AHL) team for three years.  First it was the Iowa Stars, now it's the Iowa Chops.  The Chops are the farm team for the Anaheim Ducks.

Did I mention we're also season ticket holders?  So, we're "in the club" which gives us that sense of belonging.  We're feeling "special".

Sort of...

Today, I (and we'd guess a bunch of other season ticket holders) got a "Letter from (Chops) President Steve Nitzel".  It's their way ot communicating with the "special" folks who are season ticket know...the people that brave blizzards to see as many games as possible because we have an "investment" in the team.  He was explaining what went wrong with a shipment of team jerseys they hope to sell us.

The letter was informative...gave all the facts...told us how hard they were working to get the shipment to Des Moines.  Trouble was the first line: 

"Dear First Name,"

Look, they've got more on their plate than putting my "first name" in the space provided. But it does call out the critical issue of making sure somebody proofs the document...especially when using e-mail blasts to "special people".  Like your customers.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - "Go Chips...err...Chops!"