Makin' It or Suckin' It?
Feeling "Special"?

How Long Has It Been?

Vintage Christmas Card I was doing some adjustment of our Insight Advertising website when I ran across the Material Review Section.  It's been a long time since we've highlighted what this is and how critical this review can be for marketing your success in these new economic times.

The bottom line question is this:  How long has it been since you're reviewed your marketing materials?  You know, your brochures, fliers, hand-outs.   That collateral stuff you mail, give away, pass out...  And, yes, even in the digital age you've still got to have print in your marketing arsenal.

If it's been more than two's past time.  But, it's not only age that can sink your marketing's also how it's written, designed and managed.

And, that's where we come in.  We'll do a professional review of your print piece, see if it meets the call to action, check the wording, photos and help you make sure you're on track for the next sales push. 

It's what we do...

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