Veterans Day 2008
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Paying But Not Listening?

Doctor It struck me the other day.  Several years ago I visited with my doctor.  After he checked me out he said, "Michael I want you to take these pills for thirty days and come back to see me.  We'll run some tests."  I left the exam room, prescription in hand, and went to the front counter where I paid my bill and then left the office.

Now I had two choices.  I could do what he told me to or I could ignore the advice and treatment he suggested.  It was up to me...  I made the choice to listen.  I mean, hey...I am no doctor.  He's got the training, experience and knowledge..I should out guess him?

But sadly, in the world of advertising and marketing, it happens all the time. People choose to hire advertising agencies and pay for the rock solid advice and knowledge. Far too often they then make the choice to ignore the message and in the flash of an eye...become experts.


I thought about that once when a client ripped up our Media Plan (which they paid for) and changed the entire media buy.  In addition they hired somebody else to do the PR for them and this new company talked them into doing an "Open House"...but NOT with their core demographic. We're still trying to figure that out.

The result was a lousy roll out and an "open house" that attracted 14 people.  They never recovered and are now out of business.


Woman scrubs What is it about some private business owners that makes them actually believe they know advertising and marketing?  Is it because we fail to make a passionate enough pitch?  Is it because we want them to "like us" so they will remain our clients so we go along with silly ideas and flawed reasoning?

They wouldn't do that with their physician...or maybe they would simply dress up as one.

Maybe the reason they sometimes make these boneheaded decisions is because they "think" advertising and marketing is simple.  Or, maybe we're just not tough enough to walk away...

But let me make this suggestion...a professional will trump guessing 98% of the time.

Do yourself a favor...don't play "dress up" when it comes to things you don't know.  You'll thank us for it later.

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications