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Sometimes It's Not What You "Think"

MPL Israel Airport I'm not sure what I expected when I arrived in Israel this past Monday evening.  Like you I get the news, watch the press and learned about the country in school.  But, learning and experiencing are two very different things.

What we found was a very busy, open and thriving economy.  People do not simply "walk" to their vehicle, get in and go.  They WALK everywhere.  At roughly 30 pounds overweight...I noticed how fit the people are. 

The drive from the airport (which is First Class!) in Tel Aviv to was like leaving West Des Moines.  In fact the traffic and the signs all looked very familiar.  Same colors...and except for the addition of Hebrew and Arabic to the might think you are someplace in Iowa.

My point is that what we "think" we know and what we "know" are two very different things.  It's like advertising and marketing.  Having somebody in the office take the calls and buy or create the marketing materials is "thinking" it can get done well.  Much different than having somebody who "knows" what to do.

Next post:  The real reason the airlines are ain't the price of fuel.  It is the price of indifference.

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications