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I guess if you are going to be a crook, you might as well be a good one.  But, what fuel Man money companies are doing right now...well let's say it's sort of like the Illinois Governor getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar...only sometimes this is worse.  You would think they just think the rest of us are idiots. 

And, maybe we are.

Oil prices are today at the lowest point since 2004.  Lower, that would mean when local fuel prices in Des Moines fell to $1.39 (two weeks ago).  On that date oil was being traded at $43.  Then, a four days ago the price of oil shot up five dollars.  The price signs at local gas stations were bumped up twenty-cents.  Then a day later another nine-cents.

Trouble was...oil prices were falling.

Today in Des Moines you get to buy fuel for $1.63 yet oil prices are at $40.01.

I guess when you KNOW you are going to "get it" it still hurts as much as when they  sneak up on you.  Price gouging?  Don't you love it and they can actually sleep at night.  OK, I know we've got it better than many places in the country so save the e-mails telling me you pay fifty-cents or a dollar more a gallon.  That is not the point.  These folks look for every way they can skin us.  I'm getting really ticked.

Politicians, Used Car Salesman, Oil Companies and gee what other type of slick "dudes" can we come up with?  These guys don't even care about "public relations".  It's shameful...and we keep smiling.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where we're glad we have an honorable profession - I'll be better tomorrow! Ho-Ho-Ho!