Sometimes It's Not What You "Think"
The "Pink Slip"...


Man suitcase Back in the United States and anxious to get BACK to work.  I've been in Israel for the past eight days.  And, as always, there were more stories then there is time for you to read them.  However, allow me one brief review of what is really troubling the airline industry and perhaps your business as well.

As we all know, traveling by air is a hassle.  My standard rule of thumb is that if the trip is shorter than 700 miles.  I'll drive, thank you.  Why is that?  And, the better question might be:  Why would YOUR customer rather switch than stay with you?  We think the answer is pretty simple:

Nothing is "special" and the employees don't have a clue.

Airline employees, as a whole, are very professional folks and they never miss an opportunity to let you know.  Are your employees the same?  You know, do they know plenty about the product or service but fail at the ability to engage the customer?

It makes for a very impersonal adventure.  It's not to say we require employees to 'gush" each time a customer asks a question but it would be nice to have them be warm and interested.

So, perhaps the lesson we should learn from this is to remain focused on not only our professional relationship but also our personal lives.  Care a little more perhaps and engage.

Beats flying!

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications