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Des Moines Radio - Mac Is Back - 940AM

We've been posting articles about advertising and marketing for several years but none has gotten the response like the recent piece on J. Michael McKoy getting the axe from Citadel Broadcasting's 98.3 WOW-FM last week.  Comments have come in from all over. (OK, so if you read our posts and you are from Denmark - Per - this won't mean much...but all stuff can be local.)Mac

That's why when we were informed earlier Monday morning that Mac had signed on with Des Moines Radio Group (Saga Communications) station Praise-940AM we got interested in following it up.

It first nobody wanted to talk about it.  But as these things go...nobody could keep that quiet.  The Un-Official "Official" word is that Mac will be on between 2 and 4 in the afternoon starting December 22.

So, how is this going to play for the Christian Radio Station?

Mac has a following and while he isn't as "hard core" a "Bible Banger" as 1040-WHO's Steve Deace it should prove to be an excellent income opportunity for a station that recently secured the Des Moines Buc's hockey (Away from Citadel flagship KGGO earlier this year.)  Of course they also had the AHL "Iowa Stars" for a couple of years but lost that deal to Citadel sports station "The Champ" when the Stars became the Iowa Chops.

The "down side" is coverage, existing progamming, and getting folks to switch to AM.  The station  can get out of the metro for about 20 miles.  But when you figure Mac usually takes on local items may be fine.  The switch to AM and folks not moved by the religious fervor of the core programing might be a problem.  We'll see.

Mac has, as he has done so many time before, landed on his feet.  We're wondering non-compete at 98.3 WOW-FM?  We find that hard to believe in today's world.

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