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Beware Of How You Fire Somebody...

Four Seconds To Impact!

Those of us who help clients make an impression at trade shows realize we've got aboutPink_clock four seconds to connect with folks wandering the isles.  That is not a lot of time...  We suggest to our clients, and to you, that you use this time wisely.  Here are some quick things to consider:

  • No Clutter - People can't read much in four seconds so consider using large graphics with a minimum of words.  Also, lots of small photos on a 10' display board will get lost.  Tell your story in a couple of large images.
  • Bullet Points - If you MUST use text use bullet points.  They can also be used by the people working the booth as memory aids during the discussion.
  • Selling - Don't expect the display to do the selling of your product or service.  That is the job of the people in the booth.
  • Keep it Open - Nothing says, "stay away" like a table separating you from your future customer.  If you need a place to write consider a podium arrangement where you have a small area (also with graphics) centered in your booth or off to the side.
  • Eye Level and Above - People tend to look up and above the crowd.  Text or images below the waist will get lost.  Unless the isle is empty and if that's the case maybe you picked the wrong show?
  • Big is Better - If you can afford it get a larger booth space and perhaps offer seating, free water...something "different"....remember open is inviting.
  • Take Names - Find a way to gather data on the people who are visiting your booth that's where the real action is...after the show.  Then,
  • Follow Up - Find a way to follow up with the folks who stopped in.  Let them know they are important to you and to your product or service.

Remember, you've only got four seconds!  Make 'em count!

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications