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Getting "Personal" At Trade Shows...

It's that time of year - Thousands of companies are looking at the Trade Show Calendar  and planning the same old booth for the same old crowd in the same old city...Larry and Flo

Sound boring?  It doesn't have to be!

Trade Shows are a major expense for any company.  You've got to figure travel, lodging, booth space, food, the booth costs, printed materials, transportation of product...the list gets long and expensive.  Sometimes executives worry that they are not getting a positive return on their investment.  And, most of the time they are correct.

When you figure that nearly 79% of all trade show leads never get followed up on....that's costly.  Here is the article about how to fix that problem...this weekend!

So how can you inject some personality into your trade show and still be taken seriously? 

Jpeg Web We like what our client Calcium Products has allowed us to do.  Over the years we've developed a character, "Flo" who has become a spokesperson for the company.  When she can, she attends various trade shows and when she can't she appears in the local ads.  She's even gone so far as to write notes to attendees letting them know she "missed seeing them".

"Flo" brings a memorable "personality" to the booth.  Though she doesn't offer much in the way of product information she does keep the crowd interested and engaged.  And, it's fun!

While this won't work for everybody and you need to be very careful on how you present a spokesperson, it does add a personal touch to what can be a dreadful experience.  And, what is best, people remember!

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