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Learning From Teaching

Over the past twenty-five years I have had the honor to have served several Iowa congregations.  I've always told them I learn more from the teaching...then they ever will.Girl blackboard   It's not that I'm a poor speaker or's just that the preparation to teach continues to "teach the teacher".

I had one of those moments yesterday.

I perspective new client came to our office for help.  These folks have been around for years so it's not like they are new to their business.  But, they are stagnant.   There has been no real growth for over five years.  Last year they actually lost money. 

It took exactly five minutes to learn what they have been doing wrong.   It took over four hours to share with them what they need to do to "fix it" and grow.  Their business and marketing model was that broken!

We covered lots of territory in that four hours, most of which was very basic:

  • You NEED an uncluttered Web Site!
  • You need to market and advertise all the time, not just 4 weeks before an event.
  • You need to consistently brand your product and service.
  • You need to spend make money.
  • Embrace some social media!

It was a great discussion and it reinforced what all of us in the advertising and marketing business need to tell our existing and perspective clients.  No matter how much it bothers them. 

Our goal is not only to make a living..for us.   Our goal is to make sure our clients make a living and a profit so they can continue to employ good, honest, hard working people we may never meet. 

Thanks for coming in and letting me learn...again.

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