A Holiday Must Be Near - Bend Over!
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Recession? It's Now YOUR Fault!

Gosh, I'm not sure where to start.  After a summer of oil and fuel companies tipping the scales in their favor (and posting huge profits) the American Public made a decision.  Stop driving and save.  They were wrong to do so...says the industry.Money for Food

Consumers, scared out of their collective minds about the future of their jobs, make a decision to spend less over the holiday season and save more.  They are wrong...says the industry.

Here's one for you:

General Growth Properties (owner of Jordan Creek "Uber-Mall "in West Des Moines) will not take cash for mall "gift cards".  I am not making this up.  People can only use credit cards...  Guess is I were 3.1 billion dollars in debt  I'd be skippy about folks laying down "real green".

"People are trying to pay down their high interest credit cards...and using real money to help them see what they are spending."  Says our friend Tom Coates of Consumer Credit of Des Moines.   Makes sense. So our friends at the "trendy mall"  (OK, I've been there four times!  I'll admit to extravagance.) now ban the practice of using real...m-o-n-e-y?  Insane.

It gets worse...

Now in light of Americans doing what their parents and grand-parents have been telling them for a couple of generations, "Buy what you can afford and don't extend yourself!"  Guess who is getting blamed for the Recession?


Not the cut-throat credit card companies, not the fat cat bankers, not the sleazy investment firms.  Not the United State Government that insists on spending billions of your money in massive gifts to the folks who caused much of this problem.  Nah... Now the blame is you!  Consumers are driving the recession...you...you...BAD PEOPLE!

"We have met the enemy...and he is us."   Only in America...

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - Don't you love this new spin for a public relations wonderment?