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The 80 /10 /10 Rule

You've all heard of the 80/20 Rule...  You know, the idea that 80% of the people follow the 20% of the folks that actually do the work.  It's been something speakers and business professionals have tagged for years.Man Terror

Yesterday I was having coffee with my friend Joe Baitinger when he brought up the idea of the new "80/10/10 Rule".  At it's root the 80/10/10 rule means that 80% are followers, 10% are leaders and 10% are "corporate terrorists" hell-bent on swaying the 80% of followers into thinking any ideas of the leaders are "wrong" or "won't work".

Brilliant really...

How many of us in leadership positions find ourselves dealing with a minority of individuals who are always negative corporate terrorists.  It drains many companies to the point of stagnation.

So, what is the answer?  Internal Corporate Public Relations with the 80% of the folks who will follow, if given the right information.  That is not to say you lie to them, you tell them the truth and be positive about it.  And it isn't a quarterly "rah-rah" meeting it is a constant uplifting of the corporate goal and brand. works.  But, at the same time it is work and that is why many...disregard the effort.

Try it in 2009 and watch as the 10% terrorist group starts to diminish...making life, and business, easier for everybody.

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