Cutting Advertising In A Recession? Before You Do...Listen!
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Advertising During A Recession - Why & How

Later today, here in Central Iowa, I'll guest on 98.3 WOW-FM with Bradshaw at 2:00pm.  If you want to listen live just click here.  (Following the show we'll post the podcast.)  It's a follow up to my radio show from this past Sunday when I had a melt down after two meetings in different parts of the country.  983wowfm_effected_1000

In the first, the people had NO idea of how to use the Internet to get noticed, sell stuff or be found.  They had no idea of the difference between a "static" brochure website or one that allowed daily changes.  (Or why that is important!)  They had no idea of social media and how it works and the value to business and industry.  They pictured themselves as not having to communicate with their customers or made communicating so difficult customers simply "give up".

So, today we're going to talk about that.  And more!

We're also going to discuss reasons why your business or industry must advertise during a recession.  What is the historic data that proves my point?  What are the two or three most important elements in surviving the recession with "Smart" advertising and marketing.  And, we'll give you solid advice on what you should be doing now.

Finally we'll give you examples of when you should not advertise!  That's right...solid proof that if the product or service is good enough, in demand and meets a critical need (even if the public doesn't know they need it) how advertising might be counter productive.  I said "advertising" not marketing.

Lots to talk about....if you have anything to do with marketing, advertising or product ideas...listen in.  That's later today on Bradshaw at 2:00pm on 98.3 WOW-FM.  Or if you are listening using your computer, click here to listen live!

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