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Advertising During A Recession - Why & How

Cutting Advertising In A Recession? Before You Do...Listen!

Many of you know that I've been doing a radio show about the rural lifestyle for severalRadio Station Mic years.  Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country deals with the growing segment of the population living on small farms and acreages.  It's a fun, tip-filled adventure each Sunday morning at 8 on the Central Iowa radio station 98.3 WOW-FM (983wowfm).

(Update:  Sunday afternoon I was contacted by 98.3 WOW-FM and we'll do more on this topic live on Tuesday (01/13) on "Bradshaw" starting at 2:00PM.)

This past Sunday I did a change up and discussed business as it relates to advertising and marketing.  (Here is the podcast from Sunday morning.)  The reason?   Last week in meetings in two different parts of the country.   At the first I was amazed at how little people really understood the power of the Internet and the potential it has for building sales.  I guess I took it for granted.

The second meeting was in Chicago where I was visiting with industry executives who had made the lousy decision to start cutting their advertising budget to "save money".  None of these people were or are my clients (but they should be).  They are making a huge mistake so I decided to come back home and do a radio show dedicated to the power of the Internet and point out how foolish it is to cut advertising and marketing budgets.

The business portion of the show is right here.  You can download the podcast and listen when you want.  I think it's a pretty fair overview of what many business people are feeling.  But they are wrong and I give solid reasoning and historical facts that say cutting advertising and marketing dollars is the last thing you should do in a recession.  In fact, you should increase and become more aggressive.

Enjoy the show, and as always if you agree or disagree feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading and for listening.

Michael P. Libbie -Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications