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Goin' Green In Kansas City...

In just a few days I'll be traveling to Overland Park, Kansas (OK...close to Kansas City!) to take part in The Western Trade Show a presentation of the Western Nursery and Landscape Association.  I'll be with our client, NatraTurf and it's going to be a blast!NatraTurf_drop_logo_RGB

For a number of years NatraTurf has been doing testing on products designed to cut water consumption at golf courses, reduce the amount of fertilizer applied to lawns and turf and create a new way of thinking when it comes to grounds care.

So far we've developed three products.  HydroSave - Ultra Greens Grade is a product that promotes root growth, cuts water consumption on golf greens and naturally ads sulfur to the soil, which improves growing conditions.  It's really an amazing product that we hope to expand into the consumer world. 

In addition we've also created HydroSave - Fairway Formula and SpotGone.  The Fairway Formula not only helps golf and turf professionals use less water and fertilizer it also naturally opens up the soil and aerates it for better growth.  No more taking "plugs" out of the turf. This stuff actually decreases the soil compaction issue...naturally.

SpotGone is a fun product for homeowners that are tired of pet urine spots in their yard.  Available in a "shaker bag" owners simply shake a little on the spot and within just a few's gone!  The tag line is, "Get Rid of the Spots...Keep the Dog!"

We're looking forward to talking to turf professionals at the Western Show...we're also there to learn what else we can bring to market that will help the industry...and our planet!

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