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Total Resource Campaign - Urbandale Chamber

Last week I attended a training session for the 2009 Urbandale Chamber of Commerce Total Resource Campaign.  It was my first but I was not alone. The idea behind the Tiff TRC crowd campaign is for chamber members to go out and 1)  Sign potential Chamber of Commerce Members and 2) Find existing members (or new) who might want to increase their public relations or marketing footprint by sponsoring dozens of chamber related events, activities or publications.

Although not "new" we thought it was worth mention in our post on advertising and marketing.

Tiff TRC The two hour (WOW, was that a long time to be in a meeting and not get paid! Relax, I'm not THAT jaded!) was presented by Tiffany Menke (left) the Chamber Executive Director and seems to be the brainchild of YGM and Joyce Powell with support from Mel Lee who are I think out of Tulsa, but it was hard to tell from their website.

Tiffany did a great job and held our attention...there was plenty to learn.

For those of you that read this post on a regular basis you know that last week I attended a meeting of BNI where members pay a fee to gather each week and "network" about their product or service.  It's a nice program and one that the Chambers should have created.  But, in fact, and once we looked deeper, they already have.  There are tons of networking opportunities with the local and the expanded chambers here in the Des Moines area.

So that is the perception?  We think the problem among many "young professionals" is that "The Chamber" seems to be filled with more "old school" than BNI and things just don't move as briskly.  At least that was our take on a very short reading of the market.

Anyway...be prepared.  If you are in the market here in Des Moines I may have to call on you to "get connected". Should be fun.

Your take?