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Trade Show Placement - Building Traffic

This week our client NatraTurf is at the Iowa Turfgrass and Trade Show here in Des Moines.  It's great not to have to travel!  At the show are golf course grounds professionals, city turf experts, private contractors and grounds professionals for schools and private companies.  It's quite a group and this is the first time NatraTurf has had a display for this event.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Also at the show is William Reed the Executive Director of the Hickory Golf Association. HIckory Golf Association These folks are actually historians on the sport of golf.  They collect, sell and do demonstrations, in period costume, explaining golf history.  And, yes, they also organize events using the clubs and balls your grandfather may have used.  The NatraTurf booth is right next door and we were getting lots of attention and history lessons.

We're also getting traffic.  This time it was the "luck of the draw" but many times, if you know who is going to be at a show, you can PICK your LOCATION.  This one could not have been better.  People last night came by to visit with Bill, learn more about his topic and they moved right over to NatraTurf.

So, the quick lesson, especially at smaller trade shows.  Check who is there and if you register early and have access to the other exhibitors make a selection not only on location...but also near somebody that might help drive traffic.  Thanks Bill!

And, if you are into golf and want a great event for your next special event.  Contact Bill and the Hickory Golf Association...they can share some neat stories and lay out the history of the sport that makes for an interesting presentation...even for those of us who don't golf.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications