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Cutting Away The Blindfold...

Are You "Invertising"?

While it's not a new idea the fact that Pepsi took their new advertising campaign to their employees first reminded me of how critical it is to "clue" everybody in on the corporate message.  It's called "buy in" or in this case "Invertising".Pepsi can

Here is the story from Ad Week.

It brings up a critical flaw in many corporate marketing campaigns where the employees (who can often be your best or your worst critics) often find out...last.  Learning about the new logo, the new television campaign or the new radio or print message "with everybody else" can backfire.  Besides, being "in" on the message might just help avoid major issues you, our your advertising agency didn't see.

It reminded me of a story from another life.  I was the PR guy for a large medical facility.   The president of the firm made the decision to buy a new laundry van.  The old one was in really bad shape.  So, he went out, made the purchase, had it painted with our logos, etc . and made a big presentation to the guy who actually drove the van.

Two days later they took it in to be totally retro-fitted so it would...work.  It seems nobody asked the employee what he actually needed to do his job. 

In other words, it might be helpful to do some "Invertising" before you actually do the advertising...

What do you think?

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