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Can/Does Social Media Sell?

Cutting Away The Blindfold...

This morning I had coffee with a friend, Jack Mathews.  Jack is the former president of the Des Moines Cycle Club and a retired advertising guy from Grinnell, Iowa.  We get together every once in a while to share stories, ideas and dreams.  Jack loves to Man blindfold sissors's that way with advertising executives.

We talked about the obvious (to us) and how others simply can't "see" the idea, the product placement, the market, the brand...the message.  It's that way with advertising types.

And, so it hit me..."Seeing what others don't, or can't is really part of our job."   It is what we do for our clients...because that is NOT their job.  It's ours.

Our job, in the world of marketing and advertising, is not only about putting together a great campaign, doing a fantastic television ad or creating the print piece.  Our job is to look beyond the obvious, or in some cases, see the obvious and then be able to explain that vision to our current and future clients.  Our job is to cut away the blindfold and help our clients see the market potential.   That is what we do...if we're serious about the adventure.

Some business people understand that...but sadly, many don't.  They are not ready or able to grasp new products, new markets, new media...even if it means the difference between success and...well, you know.

Are we right 100% of the time?  No...but if business listened to the dreamers, even 50% of the time...think of the possibilities.

Ready to do some dreaming?  Call us, we're always "on".

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications, Thanks Jack for the coffee and the's great to hold the scissors.