What If...
Hangin' Up The Gloves

Having It "Whose Way"?

The other day I met a friend at a fast food facility.  We were headed out of town and I was driving.  He wanted something too eat.  I met him inside where he was trying to order a "Number Three".  That would be a Bacon, Cheese, Egg Biscuit, hash-brown.  It comes with a "drink". The perky counter person, asked, "What would you like to drink?"  He said, "Nothing...just give me the sandwich and hash-browns."  SHE:  "That will be more money."  HE:  "More money...but I don't want the coffee, I have one in the car."  SHE:  "I'm sorry sir if I don't give (waste) the coffee I have to charge you more."

He left the coffee sitting on the counter...

Charging more...for less.  Sometimes it's a good thing.  I'll explain:Hydrosave_v2

Most of the print ads we create for our clients don't have a lot of words to them. (Here's an example from HydroSave & NatraTurf).   We tend to think that most consumers don't want to know the WHOLE story in one sitting.  So we drive the consumer to multiple locations for more information.  Or, when we do radio ads...we don't try to cram 40 seconds of copy in a 29.5 second ad.  The listener gets lost...and, well, we think they just don't work.  (Don't even bring up putting telephone numbers in radio ads...can you spell silly?)

And often we have to fight our clients because for some reason they believe the print and the radio ads need to be a full of stuff as possible or they are not getting their "monies worth". 

But...when "less is more" it often creates action rather than confusion.  And, because professionals are creating the ad...the cost may be higher...for less words, less photos.  But more action.  And, that's what you really want.  Right?

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