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Meeting The Future...

Note:  I don't usually offer up personal reflections on family stuff but this was "too cool". So if you came by looking for advertising and marketing stuff...check back tomorrow?

This past Thursday I met the future.  Taylor AnnMarie Libbie was born at 1:55 in theZaydee Taylor afternoon here in Des Moines.  Our son, Aaron, could not be more happy and our daughter-in-law Mandi was happy...and very tired.  (Nice job!)

While this is our fourth grand-child it was the first time I had been "on-site".  Our girls (Holly and Hunter) live out of state and while we were there shortly after the births...this was the first time "at the scene".  So to speak. 

Aaron and Mandi recently back to Iowa from San Antonio.  She is a teacher and he opened up a new business, Aquafuzion of Iowa.  And, so there we were waiting and hoping.  The new parents opted NOT to know the sex of their new family member and that was great.  It added to the excitement. 

So, forgive the personal stuff for today. We'll be back with more business related items but this was too fun. And so, welcome little girl...Sailor, Jake and Jovie are anxious to get to know you.

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