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Can/Does Social Media Sell?

This past week two things happened that re-enforced my belief in using social media for advertising.  One had to do with a physical product (Templeton Rye) and the other regarding a religious congregation.  Strange "bed-fellows" with something in common.Boys Sharing Secret

Social Media

In the first example I had been following Templeton Rye on Twitter for some time.  A friend had purchased some of their product and raved about this Iowa based company and history.  Little by little we came to understand the "voice" of Templeton Rye courtsey of Twitter. That led to a guest appearance on our rural lifestyle radio show (Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country) and follow up items (again by people listening to the show using their computer who found it through our BLOG and then connected with us, asking questions using Twitter)  letting us know folks in New York were "thirsty for more Templeton Rye".  But, because it's only available in Iowa and did it get to New York in the first place?  A blogger friend from our social media circle purchased some and went east a month earlier.

In the second example a congregation here in Des Moines is looking for members.  Because Beth El Jacob is an Orthodox Jewish congregation they can't just pick somebody off the street and have an "Insta-Jew".  They began working with social media.  A new website hosted a new blog and the new blog also has Twitter (JewishDesMoines).  Three weeks after announcing a grant program for new Orthodox Families moving to Des Moines they got their first success story.  A family with five children from New Jersey has made the decision to move to Des Moines, Iowa.  They found out...on he blog.

In both of these stories traditional media played only minor part.  We will not tell you it is "easy" to get into and then continue social media projects.  The business or the agency needs to stay on the project.  Work it at all hours of the day and be prepared for some negatives.  You must also be prepared to answer the market outside your traditional market area.

But, does it work?  Sure...IF the product or service can meet or exceed the demands or expectations of the consumer.  And in this case...they did and do.

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