Can/Does Social Media Sell?
Having It "Whose Way"?

What If...

The fear is real.  It is as thick as fog in the countryside.   It's being spread on talk radio,Foggy Road by television talking heads, writers and speech makers.  Not since the agricultural collapse in the 1980's have I seen business leaders tremble as they do today.  Everyone seems to agree that the  We see and hear it all around us.  But, what if....

In recent days, economic leaders are talking about "recovery".  And while Wall Street, the same folks who's lack of fiscal morality has been exposed for what it is, may not have gotten the memo...there is talk of the end.  What if this talk proves to be...true?

Where will you be after the fog of fear lifts?   What if entrenching today means loss of market share...tomorrow.  It could happen.

For months we've been preaching to our clients, and anybody who will listen, that cutting back on marketing and advertising today will cause some to disappear...tomorrow.  That instead of "socking it away" now is the time to take advantage of the media market and build market share.  Now...while there are gaping holes left by those companies who have decided to retreat.  Now, while you can negotiate great prices from willing media sellers like newspapers, radio, television and print. 

What actually expanded your reach and built market share today?

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