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What You SHOULD Expect...

What should you expect from your advertising agency?  We think that depends on your relationship but if you only require "pretty ads" you are short changing your efforts at business development.Woman puzzle

Let's talk about it for two minutes.

Advertising agencies, like ours here at Insight, do create dramatic print, radio, television and direct mail advertising.  We also create great looking (and working) websites.  And, we know social media like Business Blogs and Facebook and Twitter...and we can explain each one and why they may help your business connect with your customer.

Most advertising agencies offer the same stuff.  (If they don't call us!) 

But, there is more...much more.

Your advertising agency should also be a trusted partner in scouting the terrain for potential new markets.  They should be able to suggest to you:

  • New Market Opportunities - Customers you should target but haven't;
  • Market Options - Helping you know what motivates your target customer;
  • Research Driven Product Ideas - What is the NEXT BIG THING?;
  • Solid Advice - Knowing what motivates people to BUY one product over another;
  • Say No - Not every media or plan is right, no matter how long you've done it;

If they are NOT....you're not getting your full share of the partnership.  In the end, it becomes YOUR choice to listen...or not.  But, an advertising agency worth it's "salt" knows....before they speak.

It's something you should be listening to...

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